La Bella Mafia

The Beautiful Offense

27 November
I don't know what to say...

Well basically, i'm from detroit, we moved to roanoke VA 4 years ago, and i still kinda hate it, but i met loads of people that i love so i guess it's all good.

i complain more than i should which is bad but i'm working on it...

i have a job, i'm a waitress at a retirement home so i serve old people food that is bonkers good. and all this time i thought they ate mushed peas.

my family is from nigeria. first american citizen in the family...does that make me famous? i get tired of people talking about ignorant africans though. that's just hypocritical.

i love listening to music. that's how i get my focus. and i die when my batteries do.

i love hanging out with my friends. all of my people are insane crazy though. that keeps life interesting because in roanoke you either hang out with crazy people who actually care about shit other than what happened on laguna beach and if so-and-so is getting fat. although, i will concede that laguna beach is really addictive simply because everyone likes drama.

but to clarify, i am crazy, very crazy...very loud. and a little mmm...special i guess. oh, and i like to cuss a lot. but i'm working on that too

that's about it for me.