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La · Bella · Mafia

Can You Hear Me Think?

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i swear to god sometimes its like everyone can read my mind. like no matter how private, or limited i try to keep myself, its almost as if everyone knows anyway. and it's like everyone hates me for it all of a sudden. in all seriousness, i never realized that i was incredibly obvious or incredibly loud mouthed. i had no idea. and all this time i thought i was a little discreet. i mean the slight pining after and change in emotion may have been a clue, but i really thought my head, my thoughts were mine.

and if all of these people have been able to read my mind all of this time, how come no one ever told me? my thoughts can't be that intriguing that they'd just tune in for the hell of it.

so what the hell is going on?

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On February 6th, 2006 04:55 am (UTC), redstar76 commented:
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