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i just got done with my braids and my scalp is on the tender side. but i'm glad to have it done cuz i gotta work tomorrow.

mmm...the end of another year and where am i? i'm still in school unfortunately and mmm...my procrastination has gone through the roof this year. this whole chem. project is going to kill me. it's really going to kill me. especially if i really do have to pay 203.20 for just the chemicals. i guess this is what sucess looks like huh?

and tomorrow will be the day before the last day of the year. and isn't that something? i'll be working both days. what does that say about me? that i'm incredibly dedicated to work? i think not. although, i had this semi-surreal dream about work where it was but it wasn't all at the same time. and i sucked. and even though i've freaked out at work before, i've never sucked at it before.

'05 has been such a crazy year. and it went by incredibly fast. so much stuff happened. terri schiavo, the pope, richard pryor, tookie williams, luther vandross and so many others died this year. i feel like i'm missing some one else...there was a new pope, two hurricanes in the states, a huge-ass tsunami in the indian ocean, natalee holoway, the 1st iraqi election, a white house breakdown, a snitch and a whole hell of a lot of good albums this year.

and it's crazy that it's just another year in the big log of life. like eventually some of this will be history (katrina, tsunami, iraq elections) and some of it will be forgotten (natalee...) but it's still just another year. and a crazy one it has been.

and of course when everyone's throwing back martini's on new year's eve, they will form the promises, "resolutions", that they swear they will keep up with, only to fail miserably two weeks into. because that stuff is hard.

but i'm not a pessimist. '06 might be my favorite year ever. we may finally go back to nigeria this summer (i HOPE so), i'll be a senior, my face will thin out (i can dream...), and i'll learn to drive eventually. and maybe, just maybe someone will finally keep one of their new years' resolutions.

Hopeful, yes we are, hopeful for today. Take this music and use it let it take you away and be hopeful, hopeful and we'll make a way. I know it ain't easy, but that's okay because we're hopeful.
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Hopeful by Twista
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