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oooh, i haven't written in a while, but that's okay.

my legs are kind of sore from working out, but it feels good. i'm glad. but it's like no matter how much working i do, i still eat it all back. i'm trying to condition for lacrosse right now, and i don't really know how it's going to work out seeing as how i've been training on a treadmill and lacrosse is outdoor.

saturday was bananas. i worked all day and didn't get home until like 7:30. but it was honestly one of the best times i've had at work in a long-ass time. lunch went by so fast we were done with everything by like 1:00ish which is really good for us and we had a nice long break. there is so much crazy gossip we have at work. it's not even just the people who work there, we talked about the residents, our shit, and EVERYONE'S business. this is of course keeping in mind that the way i talk about other people is the way they could be talking about me. i always just try and keep my head down a little bit when it comes to me because i really don't want to have my ass out, but what can you do? no blood drawn, no love lost.

but back to saturday, i didn't really want to go home and then have to come back to work so i stayed at work for a lil bit, did some laundry, then me and ambs went and watched made for a little bit. mrs. balle came in and tried to stay for a little bit but i guess she just couldn't hang with mtv. me and ambs got bored so we ended up driving around for a little bit, coming back, and chilling in the dining room. and i got to wear my own clothes. and jermayne definently staring at my ass. but i don't get why he said he was seventeen when he's *fifteen* which makes him *younger than me* which is *not my sTyLe*. and if u refuse to be civil to me, then i refuse to ignore you staring at my ass. it's not cool.

i saw wil again and it's definently been a while. and at first it was all awkward and i don't know why. but he was like pissed, hungover, and sad all at the same time. i've never seen him look like that before and i was sad for him. our work kind of sucks if you're not in high school anymore (or in his case almost aren't). because you know people can't shine of 6.50 an hour. that's why priscilla hates it. she's about ready to quit, but can't until she gets enough money for a new car. and wil can't leave until he gets a new car either. am i being selfish in not wanting him to go? i think so, but he's my wilary and if he left, i really would like insane miss him.

there was a happy crazy part to saturday too, oh yeah, so, amber and i discussed being secret lovers *shhh* and we decided that we're going to get married and have "almost twins" by getting knocked up by the same guy on the same night at (almost) the same time. and we were trying to decide who should be the babies' daddy. and i pick (of course) wil, but ambs said no because he's a bit of a druggie. but i say that a. he's really, really hot, and b. he's really, really sweet and that's a killa combo as far as i'm concerned. and i'd like to have a threesome with wil. no lie. ambs picked bryan. he's funny, but not hot. not at all. can't do it. refuse to think about it even hypothetically. because the thought of him even being mildly attractive is repulsive. like i said, he's funny, i like him, but not for me baby. and he likes the panthers. ewww.

so that left raleigh who me and ambs pick on because he's a "bad boy" in reform and he's a sweetheart. and we'd basically been going back on the whole innuendo thing all night until finally he's like "are you guys teasing each other again?" and amber's like yeah and from there all i really remember is that there was some fondling and a mutual kiss.

but hey, girls just wanna have fuu-un oh, girls just wanna have fun. i love work especially for moments like that.

this was supposed to be a quick update...
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On January 24th, 2006 09:07 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
oh, that was hot.
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