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Happy New Year yeah, i'm 10 days late, but it's still a new year. with the same old shit whoo hoo!!

mmm...the only difference is that i feel like something died inside of me. and i don't know how to get rid of it. i think it's starting to rot now. that's a problem.

the last couple of days at work have been really good. i love alanna. trey's cool too. and i miss my wilary.

school has pretty much sucked. but i can honestly say that i didn't do anything wrong this time. and with that knowledge, i shall go forth now and vanquish. but vanquish what? ooh, SATs on the 28th at PH. that sounds like fun. i should probably take that practice test. seeing as how my PSAT math score pretty much sucked ass. i hate geometry.

so, christmas break ended, new years, finished up, and school started up again. the monday back was hell. but after that i suppose we ended up right back in the swing of things. where we're supposed to be. and the realization that we only have 18 months of school left dawned on me and everyone else. and that is a beautiful feeling. and after that i'll go to college (columbia) and life (almost) happily ever after. except for the weeks i'll spend trying to figure out how to get around new york city. hey, i'm dreaming big.

i think that thought is the only thing keeping me sane. and i'm not delusional. i know the percentage acceptance rate, but it's still my dream. and where are we without our dreams? why do i get the feeling i've said that before?

it's exam week. had french on monday, and i thought that was ridiculously easy. so did diddy, so i'm not concerned anymore. i took english and current events today. i slayed my presentation in c.e. and i was so glad because i was nervous, but not nervous in a bad way, like nervous in a "let's get it" way. and it was hot in the room so i was a little uncomfortable, but i killed it. english was retahded and that' all i have to say about that.

tomorrow i have marketing and pre-calc. i need a 95 in pre-calc for an a for the semester. and marketing is retardedly easy. but all the dumbasses in my class will fail because they "just don't give a..."

and after thursday, no school for four days. i think that's a good thing.

i'm rambling. i need to study. chem and history on thursday. and then i die.

i think i'm doing something for the seniors in may. i don't even know what i signed up for. peri better be doing it too or i quit. because i'm not a senior.

Put your hands on my waistline, work me like a nine to five, try to hit my spot, give it all that you've got. I know you've got mine and I've got yours.
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On January 11th, 2006 07:48 pm (UTC), redstar76 commented:
Haha I love how we are so much alike. To quote my own journal, "I get so pissed off at the grammar section, and I suck so much at Geometry. I dont remember anything. So, I'll put in a couple of hours tomorrow and see where it gets me. Taking the SAT January 28th."

I'm at PH too, so I'll see you there and send you sympathetic brain pulses for good luck.

Did you check your grade on the French exam yet? I got a 90 :/
But what else is new, right?
Then she has the nerve to say "Maia, I think you should be getting an A in this class because you work hard". Well, thaaaaanks. Glad you noticed, but its your fault, bitch.

I think you could get into Columbia. Keep trying for it and dont let anybody tell you that you arent good enough. But I dont know how the prospect of getting lost in NY city is exciting for you...makes me shiver in fear.

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On January 12th, 2006 12:08 am (UTC), c_rocka replied:
well, i thank u for the sympathetic brain waves.

and i got a fuckin 86 on the exam. how the hell is that possible? like i'm not even bullshitting. i knew EVERYTHING. oh, i'm so pissed. and i didn't have time to see what "whole section" to quote her, i messed up on. like i'm full on hoping that she switched my score for riley's or something because i really, really am having a hard time understanding how that's possible. did u know there was a curve on the grades?

and u should have an A it's just that you're not foreign or asian so she doesn't feel the need to "guide" you and your french score through the follies of the american education system. i scream preferential treatment, but i am stifled. take solace in the fact that yet again you beat me...for the time being (see above). oh hell, u probably still beat me, i'd just settle for an 87. u know how i get down.

and u've seen me in cars and public transit, and public places. getting lost is exhilarating. even other people getting lost excites me. and it's not like you could ever get so lost in NYC that no one could find you. and when u come visit me (if i get in), i'll so show u around. no lie. so no need for shivers.

good luck with the rest of your exams. this was an email i didn't feel like emailing.
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On January 12th, 2006 12:19 am (UTC), redstar76 replied:
Actually, I am beginning to think that listening to Teague babble for 49 minutes straight rots my brain and renders it incapable of performing even the most basic tasks.

This is my excuse, anyway. You are welcome to partake in it.
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On January 13th, 2006 06:55 pm (UTC), c_rocka replied:
hmm...i don't mind his lectures. i think he's funny. it's just the damn book that's the problem.

and we're fucking done with exams. i'm so happy. so, so happy. what r u doing for the break?
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